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Control de Movimiento

Motion control mechanisms based on its standard actuators or on its building blocks.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops motion control mechanisms based on its standard actuators or on its building blocks. Thus, the mechanisms benefit from their qualities, that is to say high force and large displacement in compact sizes, high resolution, very short response time, reliability, no backlash and no play, severe environment compatibility (vacuum, cryogenic, high temp,...).

In few words, they are fast, precise and reliable.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops its own electronics to drive and control motion control mechanisms. Open loops, close loops, thermal or linearity compensations, fast acquisitions, low noise amplifier, and so on, these electronics are designed to meet customers' requirements by using the most adapted solution. 

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has also developed the UC75 real time platform, a perfect counter part to mechanisms, allowing fast and efficient development of mechatronic systems.

SPT400MML Servo Piezo Tool
XY25XS Piezo Microscanning Mechanism
PCB400M Piezo electric circuit breaker
UC75 real time
LA24 Linear amplifier for magnetic actuators
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