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Almacenamiento Energético

Energy harvesting devices convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are of great interest to supply small autonomous systems such as embedded sensors.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed several types of piezoelectric actuators displaying interesting properties for vibration and shock energy harvesting.  Among them, Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®) combined with a mass operating in a proof mass mode are especially interesting piezoelectric generators: 

  • The APA® are able to bear large external vibrations because of their internal preload and their good high electromechanical coupling factor.

  • The proof mass resonant frequency can be adjusted to the frequencies of the vibration source by selecting the appropriate APA® among a wide range of stiffnesses and by adapting the added mass.

Using this approach and its standard actuators, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES can easily define customised piezo generators for vibration or shock energy harvesting.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has also developed complete energy harvesting devices including the electronics.  One of the examples given hereafter consists in a piezo generator used to supply a sensor embedded on aircraft and its RF emitter to broadcast the sensor signal.

SPDSEN Speed Sensor
APA400M-MD Vibration Energy Harvesting
APA60SM Shock Energy Harvesting
WINTUR-EC-FP7  Energy havesting on Wind turbine blades
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